SUNSHINE and a little bit of reklame…

The days are just getting better and better, sunshine, good temperatures and lazy days.

As you may have noted, I have discovered my inner, genuin patriotism these days. This is such a beautiful place. But, as I started reflecting on this, its not only the landscape and the occasionally fantastic weather that makes this place great. Its of course the people!

So here comes a pure marketing text on all the fantastic things you can do, see, feel, experience, taste, wear and enjoy here.

First of all:

Im drinking coffee while writing this. The coffee is bought down at a shop called fruene i fjøset, just a km or so towards the fjord. The shop is situated in the room where they used to keep the cattle in the old days. The two owners select only nordic design of beautiful, quality clothes, jewellerry, kids clothes and stuff for the kitchen. In addition they have their own brand of coffe beans, wich I am drinking now- but more about that later.

Among the childern clothes you find a completely new brand called Full Rulle, specially designed for monkey business. Guess where its made… In Stadsbyda. Of course. The clothes are comfortable for the little one to wear, and for the mother to watch. Our little guy was lucky enough to get a full set from my mother. He is so cute in it, picture will come!

At Fruene i fjøset you can get coffee, tea and delicious cupcakes also made locally. Sweet pleasure. Another curiosity is that the models they use to show the new clothes are also locals. I have finally lived my dream as a fashion model! Love it!

And talking about taking pictures. Although I make 1000 pictures every year, mostly of our son,its something special about pictures taken with professionals. And luck has it that a world-class studio photographer (according to me) chose to settle down and create her own studio here. Last monday this little family got our best side saved for eternity by fotograf Kari-Anne Toth, check it out!

Moving just a few kilometers toward Rissa, we find production of organic ice cream in a farm belonging to a monastery. The ice cream is not only pure, organic and with innovative tastes. It’s religiously good. The last I tried was honey and anise,  fantastic.

You can get the ice cream after a delicious dinner at our local restaurant Tinnarosen, where you also find a museum about the old fishing culture here. And there is a art gallery too, that i unfortunately never have visited, shame on me. Between the art gallery and the museum there is a outdoor theater scene, where they every other year put a play called Den siste viking, (the last viking). The book is also in the process of being filmed!

If all this is just a little bit too modern, you can walk some kilometers along the fjord, and find rock inscriptions dated back a few 1000 years.

But coming back to food: up up in the hills surrounding this pearl that I forever will call home, you find a passionate, dedicated gardener and chef. She is multitalented, both in cooking and gardening, so here you can find all sorts of specialities. Maria is Hungarian, so needless to say the cooking is international.

Food takes us back to coffee, and more specifically the coffee in my cup this very moment. I prefer my coffee with milk, and the very best milk you can get comes straight from the farm, milked by someone you know, that love their animals and their lifestyle of being farmers. I have been lucky enough to recieve two buckets of home-milked milk from my fantastic aunt. It takes the coffee and my morning musli to a higher level.

A proud farmer with tasty milk

A proud farmer with tasty milk

never to early to introduce the little one to the soft sides of farming life

never to early to introduce the little one to the soft sides of farming life

And this is just a few of the things that make my heart grow in pride everytime i think about or talk about Stadsbygda. (My aunt don’t live here to be exact, but thats just a detail.. and another detail: it is not allowed to sell milk from the farm, so to be clear: this was a gift, and only for my very own consumption!)

You might have noticed by now, that my focus have been on women. Its not on purpose, its just because there are so many great women here. In all ages. The one belove is probably the greatest of them all!

Young at heart, old souls
Young at heart, old souls



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